WILL MISS ALL THIS !! - can't i get all this back with another person ? -

:face9: auw auw ! miss all this * :face29: haha !! tp i2 suda mnjd kenangan lame :119::119: mungkin xkan kembali :face22: - alahaii jiwanx karat lh - heheh :face50: .. alangkah bgus nye :s: dpt merasaii smue nie :x::x: haha !! * dlm mimpi dpt lh an an :face49: arghh . . best :face44: tengok pasangan cpl bhgia :r:contoh nye natasha Ellina with baby boo :67: syeera ismi with paan :67:
sys nikie with eqa almond
yatie abidi with atok teruna:67: cik eton with fahmi:67:kyunsun kym with aryenc rittchie:67:miera with amirul naim:67: abg wan with wunny cikney :67:syasya with amiel fiqs dan ramai lagi :r::r:bhgie tgk mereka GEMBIRA :face55: AUW AUW , like it like it :face75:jge pasangan kowanx uh elok-2 TAHU darl :face64: suke tgk kowanx hapy cm nie :face2:xsuke tgk kowanx cm nie:face21: :q::q:benci tahu :r::r: wlaupun xknl rapat ngn kowanx , jgn isau oke:face28:elly akan doa an kebhgia kowanx smue:9::h:heheh:q::q: back to story :23:elly na ase hapy cm DEPE bley :s::s:sape bley wt cm dpe :s::s:bhgia sje , jelez tahu:face56: heheh , btw elly pun pernah ase bhgia cm mereka , tp i2 dlu meyh bukan ckrunx :61: with them :x::x: mau look tht pix :s::s: ofcz wan't to see rite :s::s: wait ya !! heheh . oke add image :51:owh yeahh , dh dpt . tngok dkt bwh nie:48: , coe ya . elly xna kowanx tahu , elly brsme dgn siape . sbb i2 smue hanye tinggal kenangan OKE :r::r: HARAP YANG T'LEBIH MAKLUM:83: . I WILL MISS ALL THIS !! can't i get all this back , ofcz nop rite :s:dream and dream unly :face73: , hahah , wth ever lh , blum ad rezeki an an !! is ok emoticon11 k lh smpaii snie j lh erk , elly story pacl nie ! heheh . thnx ya darl ,cz reading my story . ILY


emoticon27emoticon27 SELEBEH NYE !! maaf tidak dpt kuar kan !! private privateemoticon01emoticon01